Letter regarding CH. 907 member Russ Fitch and Red Sox Foundation


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From: virginia drummond I want to thank you for the Red Sox tickets for my brother, Billy. Unfortunately, he will not be able to attend. His condition is grave and the Hospice team does not feel he will be able to withstand the trip should he survive until the August 22nd game. During the process of planning this trip for him, the Concord VNA Hospice team had offered a nurse for 10 hours to accompany him, a wheelchair with large wheels, and a wheelchair van to transport him. When it became apparent he is unable to go by wheelchair van due to fatigue, a benefactor came forward and offered to pay $918.00 for a limousine to transport us to Fenway. This benefactor is James Russell Fitch who is a former VA representative for the town of Sterling Mass. and a Vietnam Veteran. He said it would be “ his honor” to be part of this.My brother was like a little kid with excitement when he was notified of your decision and humbled by your generosity.

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